Fuel Vapor Technologies high mileage car

Meet the FuelVapor Technologies Inc. team:

George Parker – President

George is a true inventor. For the past 35 years, he has developed a wide range of inventions, from custom built master cylinders, to ceramic coatings for large industrial pump housings, to man-powered catamarans. He loves the challenge of doing things that most people consider impossible. A vast range of abilities allow him to develop his prototypes from start to finish.

He currently owns 3 companies:

  • Ceramiweld Inc. A proprietary welding and ceramic coatings company that repairs and maintains massive pumps for large industry internationally.
  • Synergistic Design and Technologies Inc.
    A design and research company.
  • FuelVapor Technologies Inc.-
    An automotive company with the “ alé ” prototype.

George has an extensive background in research and development in the aviation industry, building components and testing them.


Brad Zimmerman – Head Tech

Brad is the head tech for FuelVapor Technologies, and has a long list of credentials:

  • Licensed automotive technician
  • ASE mastertech
  • Interprovincial certified auto tech
  • Commercial vehicle inspector
  • Aircare certified technician

Brad is Motec’s #1 technician for Canada, as well as their Canadian distributor. He has training in vehicle dynamics and race engineering.

He currently owns and operates 2 businesses.

  • Brugman Automotive- general automotive repairs
  • Haney Automotive- specializing in performance modifications


Todd PrattTodd Pratt – Business Operations and Investor Relations

Todd has an extensive business background with 5 start-up companies to his name. He currently owns 3 businesses employing over 90 people, with gross annual revenues of over $3 million per year. His current business was ranked #131 in the top 200 fastest growing companies in Canada by Profit Magazine. He is a former teacher, and specializes in systems development and business operations.


TomTom Tourand – Business Development and Dealerships

Tom has been self-employed for over 15 years, and currently owns 2 companies, employing 20 people, with gross annual sales of $2.5 million. He has a strong background in computer technology and racing.

Tom held the CMDRA record for top speed in the mile for the pro-street class. His bike currently ranks as one of the top 5 quickest street legal bikes in Canada.


Shane Brooker- Production/Shop Manager

Shane has worked with George for over the past 10 years helping him develop prototypes and new products. He has extensive prototype development experience, combined with a broad range of abilities in welding, fabricating, machining, plastics, fiberglass, composites, ceramics, epoxies and resins. Shane oversees the shop and coordinates shipments, materials acquisition, and shop safety.

As prototypes are being made for more fuel efficient vehicles, you can spend the time looking for energy efficient engines, researching free auto insurance quotes and driving safety tips.

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