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Latest update:

FuelVapor Technologies Inc. is now an “Eligible Business Corporation” meaning that investors can now take advantage of a 30% tax credit on their entire investment. Eg: A $10,000 investment will now generate a $3000 tax credit for the investor on their income tax return.

FuelVapor Technologies Inc. (FVT) is a BC “Clean Tech” company whose mission is to improve the automobile and its impact on the earth through fuel economy research, CO2 emissions reduction, and new concept vehicle development. Clean technology is becoming a mainstay in new design concepts for the automotive industry, and combined with style that will make you almost joyous as you jot the car's name down on the Aviva form. Keeping up with this new technology can lower your fuel cost exponentially. Imagine getting 40+ MPG on your brand new Ford Phoenix ! The truth is not far off from the present. Peace of mind is another benefit of driving eco-friendly vehicles, and our car design reflects this futuristic, calm outlook on the coming years very well. Company revenues are based on licensing the rights to the technologies, allowing high margins and fast growth. FVT has 2 main technologies:
FuelVapor Technologies TechnoChart

1. FVT’s “Fuel Vapor System”

FVT’s proprietary computerized “fuel vapor system” is a technology that surpasses the capability of current fuel injection or carburetion systems. It uses regular gasoline, and does not require a catalytic converter to meet global emissions standards. Fuel efficiency is increased 10% -20% while CO2 emissions are significantly decreased. FVT wishes to further perfect this technology and then license it worldwide. Some of the results to date are as follows:

    • FuelVapor ale' certified to be driven in B.C.30% C02 reduction when installed on any gas engine.
    • Air:fuel ratio of over 20:1

2. The ale’ sports car.

To demonstrate this technology and provide the necessary cash flow to ramp up licensing and marketing, FVT has produced a unique 3 wheeled – high performance two passenger automobile prototype called the ale’ (allay). The ale’ will be built in limited quantities for the next 5 years, then mass produced under license in 2012. Test results of the ale’ without the fuel vapor system are as follows:

    • 75% less CO2 emissions than the average hybrid
    • 2.56 litres/100km (92 mpg US) efficiency highway
    • 1.7 g’s cornering capability
    • 0-60 in 5 seconds

FuelVapor Technologies is a privately held company located in Maple Ridge, BC. The company was built on private investors, with over 95% of them being from the Lower Mainland. Minimum investment is currently $5,100 Canadian.


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